DeFraWater determines and provide spares, membrane replacements, consumables such as disposable filters and cleaning chemicals for existing membrane treatment plants manufactured by the market leaders e.g. Haase, Pall, Rochem and others.


DeFraWater customers are users treatment systems for leachate RO, sea water RO, MBR and industrial membrane filtration. Our team can troubleshoot and support a wide range of membrane filtration equipment including membrane fouling and scaling recovery using appropriate membrane cleaning agent.

System Operation

DeFraWater offers with its fleet of systems to treat customers waste water stream on a paid by cubic meter fee principle for a temporary or permanent basis. This provides a clear cost model and minimises capital investment on the customer side.


DeFraWater proposes a wide range of products such as membrane cleaners, antisclalants, defoamers and nutrients for biological plants. The product port folio are available in different content as well as form like powder or liquid.
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