DFCT Module Skid

Membrane Module

The product line of different membrane filters includes a wide selection of membrane materials. The membrane materials available goes from Microfiltration, Ultrafiltration to Nanofiltration and Reverse Osmosis. These are selected and adapted for a wide variety of industrial, municipal, commercial and home drinking water applications.The DFCT Module® is DeFraWater's latest product on the market using the open channel technology. The membrane module is a vertical mounted filter with an operating pressure up to 90 bar. 

Marine and Offshore Reverse Osmosis

The unique design layout groups together the advantages of compact solution with easy field service and daily routine maintenance. The product design is available either from a standard product line or based on custom design solution for specific or exclusive requirements and regulations.

SIWA Container

Leachate Treatment Unit

Our engineering team creates user-friendly design, high quality manufactured and low maintenance requirement for leachate treatment plant on landfills. The plants are available either in skid or in containerized solution. Our knowhow and experience in the particularity of the landfill leachate and its changes allow us to develop and supply the optimum design to ensure efficient running costs and water discharge quality.


Consult our specialist in chemistry for best recommendation with the most appropriate product to get the best out of your water process treatment. From pre-treatment, membrane cleaner, anti-scalant, MBR conditioning agent to the membrane post-treatment product, our portfolio of products is proposed and adapted to your absolute need. 

SIWA Container

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