Leachate treatment on Landfill

DeFraWater provides solutions based on Reverse Osmosis with open channel module technology or membrane bio-reactor (MBR) technology to achieve best pure water results meeting strictest standards throughout the world.

Marine and Offshore Reverse Osmosis

The unique design layout groups together the advantages of compact solution with easy field service and daily routine maintenance. The product design is available either from a standard product line or based on custom design solution for specific or exclusive requirements and regulations.

SIWA Container

Industrial Waste Water

Challenging waste water streams are approached by open channel module technology or latest UF/MF membrane technology. Todays membrane technology allows to clean waste water e.g. from nuclear contaminated sites, cosmetic industry, textile industry, winery and others.

Surface Water Treatment

Water from rivers, lakes or dam reservoirs can be led through hollow fiber MF/UF elements to produce safe drinking water or process water for industrial usage.

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